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Summit Industries (Asia Pacific) Limited is a HK-based manufacturing and service company, with R&D and Sales office in Shenzhen and production facilities in Dongguan, China.
SIAP is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in industrial, mechanical and electronic components, including high-end hardware, aluminum extrusions, CNC machining, and precision manufacturing and assembly of plastic products. Our Dongguan facility is in a 3 floor building and have 400+ employees. We offer one stop manufacturing solution to customers: JDM, ODM, OEM (mechanical parts and FATP from prototype build to EVT&DVT&PVT and MP build).
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Our biggest advantage is in our people. SIAP is led by experienced professional managers who are fully committed to our customer’s every call of duty. SIAP is an employee owned company whose mission is passionately aligned to that of our customers’.
We support our customers' choice of business model, from OEM (original equipment manufacturer), JDM (joint design manufacturer) to ODM (original design manufacturer). Our VI (vertical integration) service covers mechanical parts, PCBA*, assembly and packing. Our NPI center offers value-added support to innovative start-up companies. We have rich experiences in EVT/DVT/PVT build, high mix and low volume production. SIAP is financially healthy and continues to invest in talent and new capabilities every year. (* Outsource Partner)

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